Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paramourtal now available for purchase!

Hey guys...just wanted to let everyone know that my first published work, Of Fate and Fire, is now available for purchase in the Paramourtal anthology. Follow the link below to be one of the first to buy it! The book will also be out on Amazon in around 14 business days, but if you purchase it from the CreateSpace site in the link, we get more royalties. Have pity on the starving artist, huh? LOL

Yes, I will click here and buy a copy of this phenomenal book that has the world's greatest story in it.

Thank you guys! Happy reading!


  1. Purchased! But I have to wait until the middle of October to get it. Ack!! My patience is running a little thin.... :)

  2. LOL...sorry about the wait. But I'll try to update What We Hear a little more often so you can have something to read! :0)

  3. It came in! Yeah!! Now it just needs an autograph. ;)