Friday, October 1, 2010

They've done it again...

My characters have done it again. They keep running off with my story, changing it into something I had no intention of it being. I cannot begin to describe the weirdness of having a story that you are authoring being hijacked by the imaginary people you have created. It is surreal, at best.
  I tried. I tried to finish out a chapter that I had so carefully outlined and fleshed out on paper to keep the ball rolling. But before I knew what was happening, those little scamps grabbed my storyline and took the hell off.
  “Wait!” I cried. “Not that way! This way! Over here – like we planned! Guys! Come back!”
  But it was no use. Their giggling little selves had made off with my plot yet again.
  So I tried to work the deviation into the stream of the story. I’m the author of this thing after all, right? And I’ll be damned if they didn’t laugh in my face and re-double their efforts.
  In the immortal words of my author friend Kait Nolan -  “But…but…”
  It was too late. They had control.
  And let me tell you another thing, I write adult paranormal romance. So all kinds of weird shite can manifest when you’re not looking…sometimes when you are. I have been absolutely appalled at some of these characters’ behavior, and I find myself switching into mommy-mode.
  “Absolutely not. We are not going there. You cannot behave that way and expect people to read you. That is just so wrong. Naughty, naughty characters!”
  At this point I can only assume they commune with my children as well when my head is turned, because their only reaction was to stick out their little imaginary tongues and keep going.
  So like a plump marshmallow over a campfire, this thing has just kept growing in exponential proportions, splatting its sweet sticky goodness all over my plotline.
  Mmm…I think I taste a trilogy.

  In other news, I started following a hilarious blogger named Rob. You can find his page here. I’m not sure if I did it because he made me laugh, or he made me feel slightly less embarrassed of my own non-linear insanity. Either way you should check it out. And send flowers to his girlfriend. I don’t know the woman, but damn. She deserves flowers.

  And now I’m off to try and clean up the sugary goo that has coalesced on my beloved story. Wish me luck!


  1. :offers chocolate and wine: Here, this will help.